Professional Dog grooming









This is Sasha,very sweet girl.


Before                                                      After

This is Max,the easiest dog there is...


Before                                                     After


This is Sam, one of my favorite golden Retriever.


Before                                                     After



 Before                                                    After

This is Jacky with his mom Ria.


Before                                                       After

This is Indy, an very young dog.


Before                                                     After




Our new Groomingsalon is finally open:




We have build a wooden house in the back yarden,that's now our new groomingsalon.



My greatest dream has released, to work with animals. As child I was crazy about animals,and if there was any wounded,I took it home. I wanted to do something for the animals later,that was for sure. Take care and make them beautiful,I all saw that trough my glazed eyes. Went often to a shelter,to walk with the dogs. And then my first dog arrives.Rexy I called him cocker/field spaniel


Love at first sight,and that always stayed that way. He was 4 years when he arrived, and when he crossed over he was 18 1/2 years.

I let him grooming  to someone  with a lot of experience .First time I had let him behind,but second time a was a little late,so I stayed. The way she groomed, I didn't like. So fast and she had no patience for him. No contact with the dog.......This was enough for me and I let her stop. I took him home and tried it myself, but then in a loving way. And so my love started for grooming,but it still took a time before I started. I started with the education in 2003 and finished it in 2005. finally,the door opend in october the first 2005