Professional Dog grooming




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My greatest dream has released, to work with animals. As child I was crazy about animals,and if there was any wounded,I took it home. I wanted to do something for the animals later,that was for sure. Take care and make them beautiful,I all saw that trough my glazed eyes. Went often to a shelter,to walk with the dogs. And then my first dog arrives.Rexy I called him cocker/field spaniel


Love at first sight,and that always stayed that way. He was 4 years when he arrived, and when he crossed over he was 18 1/2 years.

I let him grooming  to someone  with a lot of experience .First time I had let him behind,but second time a was a little late,so I stayed. The way she groomed, I didn't like. So fast and she had no patience for him. No contact with the dog.......This was enough for me and I let her stop. I took him home and tried it myself, but then in a loving way. And so my love started for grooming,but it still took a time before I started. I started with the education in 2003 and finished it in 2005. finally,the door opend in october the first 2005