SHOWS 2020

This was the last show we did this year.

September 29th Mecc Maastricht

It was succesfull and we did it with style.

Zadkin's American Dream,Best Minor Puppy


Spring Cheiz Enjoy The Silence Best Puppy

Birchwood's Zadkin's Flights of the Condor, Best of Breed

In case of the corona virus,there will be problabe no dogshows at all this year!!

SHOWS 2019

oct. 9th Fallsbrook California

Reserve Best Male in open class

ESSFTA Specialty

No words to say how proud i am ,first show in USA!!!

24 august: Rotterdam

THE CONDOR Best of Breed and BEST IN GROUP!!!


6 may THE CONDOR Dutch Champion!!

21 april Dogshow Goes:

Best of Breed

SHOWS 2017


sept.2-3 Luxembourg:

for his age he can enter again in his junior class, and damn he wins again and also becomea Junior Benelux Winner!!

15 april Dogshow Goes:

Best Male !

09 april Luxembourg:

Champion des Jeunes de Luxembourg



CONDOR Best Puppy in SHOW3 !!

March:CONDOR Best puppy of Breed!!



Shows 2016

Dec: CONDOR makes his entree...

 Best Baby in SHOW 3 !!!

10 sept: Azara winning her Champion Class and becomes Luxembourg Champion,so proud of her.


This will be a new year in a different way. Making some changing plans for the Future.Just stay tuned !!!


shows 2015

march 18 :

Azara's ad in the SpringerShowcase usa

So proud of our little girl



Shows 2014


Dec 12/13/14 :

Great time at the Holland Cup and The Winner,but she wasn't ready yet for the big show.

Nov 1/2 :

This weekend Azara got her third junior CAC, so now, she is Dutch Junior Champion!!!!

Well done sweetie....Let's go !!!!!

Sept 27/28:

What a weekend.. First day, Azara got her first Junior CAC,second day, she got her second Junior CAC and became Best Bitch and Best of Breed !!

Well done sweetie.... Let's Go !!!!!

She got now 2 Junior cac, and one big CAC..  



June 20/21:

Me and Azara going to the Back to Back specialty from the Eastern English Springer Spaniel Club, in Warwick Rhode Island.

We had a great time,and she won the fourth place at friday and saturday in her class, Sweepstakes 9/ 12 months.

We are sooo proud of her,this is her first show !!

Felicity's Amazing Gift " Azara " almost 1 year.

Many thanks to Annette Pieters, for making this special suit for me



 Many thanks to Julie Fong, for making these most beautiful pictures of Azara



Shows 2013


First dogshow {just looking}in Mecc Maastricht,and we are already taking notes.

Yep, we are very seriously...


Shows ?????'s still playtime..